Software & Technology: Does your current counsel know what a meta tag or a cgi script is or perhaps have a working knowledge of coding a program?

Here at CorwinLaw, understanding technology is our business. In addition to understanding the law, we understand the technology as well. Right from the program language itself. How many lawyers comprehend the mechanics and know how to code php, C#, java, html, and other complex programming languages? Our understanding of your field will enable you to save hundreds of dollars in hourly fees that other firms would charge you in order to ‘educate’ the lawyer charged with ‘representing’ you. Let them learn on their own dime…not yours.

Technology law is not something we dabble in, thinking it is trendy…it is the very core of our experience. Understanding technical issues with source code, computer game development, and the complex legal issues surrounding web site development and hosting, CorwinLaw will allow you to develop and design, not to be bogged down with legal issues in our ever changing world of electronic technology.

CorwinLaw will assist you with:

  • Software licensing, web hosting, evaluation and non-disclosure agreements
  • Copyrights, domain acquisitions, protection and disputes
  • Web site Content Evaluation, Title 18, U.S.C. §2257 Compliance
  • Protecting your online business on paper (corporate entity formation)

CorwinLaw also represents:

Electronic game developers, graphic and web designers, and electronic content publishers

Software developers, Internet Service Providers’s and Content Providers
Listed above are general topics concerning our practice areas that we offer to our clients. If you are not sure what type of particular legal service you may need, please contact us for more info.

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