Today, launching an internet web site can be quite as easy as a few file uploads and simple clicks of one’s mouse. Not to mention, you can say whatever you wish or place whatever it is you want on your web site, right?

Cyber Misconceptions:

Unfortunately, most amateur webmasters (and some corporate webmasters) believe that they are free to place whatever content he or she wishes on the web site or web blog. However, this is a great misconception among many web designers and web hosts and the consequences can be quite unfortunate.

The common misconception that there are no laws governing web content is simply not true. The idea that “one will never find the photo or paragraph that I ‘borrowed’ from another web site” is a belief that is false and will ultimately result in some form of legal action towards the person who appropriated the image or content.

The results are not exactly the ‘cyber fame’ that you wanted. You could be sued personally for damages for the content you display. You could be fired from your employment or suspended from your school. In some cases, you could receive jail terms with felony convictions. The web page that you once thought of as promising has now presented to you a harsh look at ‘cyber reality’.

Helping You Navigate the Legal Complexities of Cyber Space:
CorwinLaw will assist web masters, hosts, and designers in content review, acquiring licensing rights, and creation of web documentation to protect your personal assets. In addition, not only will CorwinLaw review your web content to determine if you are in compliance with laws governing the web, it will protect your content once it is on the Internet and defend against attacks by cyber thieves who are determined to obtain your content without your permission and licensing arrangements.

CorwinLaw will meet you basic needs with respect to:

Web site Development & Hosting Agreements, Terms of Service, Click-On Subscriber Agreements, Content Provider Agreement, E-Mail policies, Master Service Agreements, Auction End User Agreements, Online Shopping Terms and Conditions of Sale, Software Development Licenses, Domain Acquisition and Transfers, Copyrights, Net Etiquette Policies, Adult Web Site requirements, Children’s Terms of Service and Content Agreement.

In addition, CorwinLaw will aggressively pursue hackers, spammers, and denial of service attacks, copyright and licensing violators, content and image ‘cyber thieves’, as well as serve as your front line of defense with respect to protecting your ‘cyber assets’.

Remember, a web site is valuable cyber real estate. You must not only create content within the applicable laws but you must pursue those that are intent on diminishing the value of your web site through illegal gains.

Listed above are general topics concerning our practice areas that we offer to our clients. If you are not sure what type of particular legal service you may need, please contact us for more info.

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