CorwinLaw believes in providing high quality, affordable legal representation to owners of small to mid-size businesses. Unfortunately, many small business owners believe that they cannot afford legal representation and simply go it alone, or worse yet, use a pre-packaged legal form that he or she ‘thinks’ will work. Avoid problems in the future (i.e., expensive litigation) and set up and maintain your business correctly.

We provide the following legal services:

Business Organizations:

The form of entity selected for the conduct of a business greatly impacts the daily operations of the business and the income tax consequences to both the business and its owners. We assist clients with this step of business formation by reviewing the goals and individual facts present in each situation to recommend the best entity—selecting from limited/general partnerships, limited liability companies, or
corporations, and the different elections or options available under each. We can assist from the initial conference and decision-making process, through document preparation and filing with appropriate authorities, to post-formation activities such as preparation and adoption of bylaws, director/shareholder resolutions and maintenance of corporate books.
Business Litigation:

CorwinLaw has extensive experience in litigation of claims amongst business owners and in prosecuting and defending business related claims. Our office has represented many businesses in a wide variety of legal matters, from collection disputes to intellectual property matters. With our significant experience, we can assist a business in any of its litigation related legal needs. The firm acts both as general counsel and outside litigation counsel to numerous corporate entities throughout the Unites States and abroad.

Areas frequently litigated:
Commercial Collections and Enforcement of Judgments

Contractual Disputes

Intellectual Property Disputes

Goods and Services
Business and Commercial Law:
Whether building or acquiring facilities or equipment, contemplating business mergers or acquisitions, contracting for the purchase or sale of goods and services, developing policies, procedures, plans and agreements concerning employees and independent contractors, or simply attempting to comply with the constantly-growing array of rules, regulations, codes, ordinances, statutes and laws effecting businesses, we deliver solutions for our clients. We provide numerous services to assist business clients in the operation of their businesses. Post-formation needs may include standard contracts for goods and services, or the acquisitions of new or additional real estate for the conduct of business. We are prepared to represent these clients and eliminate the need for a business to retain additional counsel for most litigation situations.

Most common business legal services needed by small business owners:

Contract drafting, review and negotiation

License and certifications

Lease review

Development of operating policies, warranties, and disclaimers

Product evaluations

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